Let Us Exert Cooperative Efforts For Peace & Stability For Our Country!

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  • Khin Maung Oo
  • Security and Rule of Law play an important role in a country. In the absence of these, people will live in anxiety and insecurity, leading to harming and threatening peace and stability of the country. Presently, reforms are being carried out for multi-sectoral development, and necessary steps are being taken to strengthen security and rule of law. During this period, people will surely worry due to the occurrence of certain recent events which seem to show weaknesses and gaps in the security arrangements within the city of Yangon. While performing constructive efforts for peace, stability and development of the nation, we should be forever vigilant and be ready to protect our country from terrorist attacks and criminal acts of destructive elements.
    Generally speaking, Myanmar can be said to be moving in the positive direction, but there are still some with pessimistic views who want to turn back to the wrong side, and those wanting to spread rumors and cause destructive activities, in our society. It is natural that the good exists together with the evil in the world. Yet, we always need to be alert and be careful so that destructive elements could not create dangerous terrorist acts that will that will harm peace and security Yangon and in the country as a whole. The whole world is fighting against anarchism and terrorism, denouncing them strongly as inhumane acts. Myanmar does not belong to countries where terrorist attacks abound, but the country cannot be said to be free from terrorist attacks. Only sporadically, in some places there are still surprise attacks, robberies, and unexpected murders. Searches and arrests of those who commit crimes are being done around the clock.
    Terrorist attacks occurred only in some places, but some are doing destructive acts, by spreading rumors and invented stories. They themselves and their supporters will be the ones who do not want to see Myanmar peaceful and successful in marching towards our shared goal of a Federal Democratic Union. All our union nationals want to live in peace and live our lives without fear or worry. Unless there is peace and stability, we cannot achieve any development. Hence, we must exert our efforts to promote and support the rule of law establishment of peace and stability in Myanmar. We need to take lessons from previous local and global events. And we must live in unity, while we keep the spirit of nationalism and patriotism in our minds and in our hearts. We must co-operate with each other for the peace, stability and development of the Union, without instigating hatred based on religion race or political beliefs. The most important thing is total eradication of anarchism and terrorism, so that we can succeed in achieving a safe and peaceful environment, and socio-economic development. As we make preparations to hold peace talks and by-elections, all of us should be alert to unexpected acts of terror or destructive acts that may occur in our communities or any place in our country. For those of us who want genuine democracy and the emergence of a modern democratic federal republic, we should all join forces and be forever vigilant to protect the democratic transition process from being de-railed by destructive or subversive acts.
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