Let us set up genuine mutual trust with People’s contribution!

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  • Khin Maung Oo
  • It may be said that the most powerful force in any country is people’s power and the iron will and staunch hearts of its citizens. In all the affairs of the country, especially in the national affairs of the country, powerful contribution is of great importance. Successful achievement of the Peace process is of vital importance above all, currently. Hence, we need to get the willing and wholehearted participation and contribution of all our ethnic nationalities for gaining Peace. To mobilize the people to get their wholehearted support, it is necessary for us to take risks and make sacrifices not only for the present benefits of the people but also for future generations. We believe and trust that the present Government will perform the above-said duties. The People and the Government should not be seen as two separate entities with the government performing the task of governing the people. We should certainly not see ourselves as the “ruled” and the government as the “ruler”. A government should be seen as the body which brings about people’s benefits or a body that manages people’s affairs or the body that administers people’s affairs on behalf of the people. So, people should join hand in hand with the government as it is the body performing people’s affairs, so that people’s force will become that of the country.
    Looking back at the historical background, we have seen that people’s power could change the country. Depending upon the depth of political knowledge, people can assess the performances and achievements of successive governments. People in our country, Myanmar had been under various kinds of regimes. Accordingly, they understood the affairs of the country very well. That is, they know very well who took risks, sacrificed and devoted themselves for the people, and to which extent. Now that we have a representative form of government the people have the opportunity to decide the country’s affairs, so that they can no longer be deceived of the history they themselves will write. After gaining Independence, people’s affairs had been managed in different ways, throughout Myanmar history. People had known whether people had enjoyed their benefits or not. It is now nearly one year that we have had the new NLD-led government. It is quite clear for the people to see how much the Union Government has brought about tangible results in such a short period of time.
    Since the long journey towards a modern, developed Democratic Federal Union is full of obstacles, pitfalls and challenges, the Government has been working very hard to make the political path as smooth as possible. Among all its efforts, the Government has focused its attention on the Peace Process which it considers to be very important. Our country was not able to keep up with our neighbouring countries. Due to various causes during the rule of successive governments, the country lagged behind in development. One of the causes is none other than the absence of internal peace for many decades. So long as the country was devoid of internal peace, it will never develop. Presently, under the active leadership of the Union Government political dialogues are being held for achieving peace. To achieve internal peace, genuine trust needs to be built. That is to build up mutual trust among different ethnic groups, various armed ethnic groups and political organizations. Let us therefore build trust among our national brethren with people’s contribution and people’s power.
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