Let’s change ourselves first


Myanmar school children used to be required to chant a slogan during morning assemblies. They had to vow: “We will try to become good students first. Then, we will try together for our class to become a good class. Next, we will make concerted efforts to make our school a good school. Finally, we, as the citizens, will try our utmost to be in the best service of our country”.
This slogan is still useful for our people today who want to change this country for the better. If people really want change, they must change themselves first. They should not think their duties ended when they voted for the then-opposition party led by Daw Aung Suu Kyi in the 2015 election. It is clear that people admire the State Counsellor. However, admiration alone does not work. In this regard, it would not be inappropriate to quote a jataka (a tale from the life of Buddha Gotama) in which a monk who was blamed by the Lord Buddha for the former’s failure to meditate. The monk is said to have been staying near the Buddha the whole day, doing nothing, just gazing at the Buddha with profound admiration and appreciation. The Buddha expounded to the monk that it is meditation that could make him attain enlightenment and that just harbouring admiration and appreciation for him would lead him nowhere.
In the same vein, it is time for the entire mass of people to actively participate in the process of change, starting from changing one’s mind-set, mentality, attitude, behaviour and manner in order to change the country for the better.  In this function, The Global New Light of Myanmar would like to encourage all citizens to participate in the process of change, starting with the self, to create a better country.

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