Let’s create an environment for the youth of today to strive for excellence

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As is known to all, the future of a country depends largely on its young people, yet how to invest in them to realize their full potential turns out to be more important.
At a time when nations are striving to compete in the modern world, it is time for Myanmar to direct its focus on the huge untapped reservoir of talent in its young people.
If we regard the youth of today as leaders of the future of our country, we should make it sure that they possess skills critical to transforming the future. In addition, we should empower them to drive economic and social development through their intellectual might. In this sense, they should be regarded as the builders, creators and innovators of the future.
This will for sure remain a dream unless we make right investments in young people by encouraging them to participate in decision making and policy making that can have some effects on their lives.
On the one hand, a shattered dream that belongs to a young person is somewhat personal. On the other hands, a shared shattered dream of the youth will amount to the death of the future of the country.
To avoid this ill consequence, we need to change the conventional view on the youth of today. The country should embrace their educational might in the belief that they can contribute to economic and social growth when given a chance.

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