Let’s do what benefits all while staying healthy amid coronavirus pandemic

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The coronavirus pandemic is becoming a threatening factor not only for the people in a specific region but for the global public generally as well. People all over the world are facing an unprecedented situation like staying at home, distancing physically or socially, frequently washing hands, measuring body temperature etc. Governments are imposing and enforcing more or less stringent restrictions or limitations while combatting the deadly viral disease. Some countries are reporting resurgent cases, too.
International news stories indicated that the pathogen would be lingering on for an unpredictable period of time. The World Health Organization (WHO) warned that world nations would still need to take more precautionary measures against any potential blow of the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic. Most countries re-imposed and re-enforced their preventative restrictions or protocols after relaxing them and thus finding a resurgence of the cases. To date, the Ministry of Health and Sports has reported 330 confirmed cases in Myanmar.
Here, we need to quote the State Counsellor writing on her Facebook page: “Human beings have to learn to survive according to the needs of the situation. While we still don’t have medicines or vaccines to prevent and cure COVID, we will need to change some aspects of our lifestyle even if we cannot change society as a whole per the requirements.” The lifestyle of the people needs to change in the face of the new coronavirus 2019. Its impacts on the health, social and economic life of the people are also huge enough to the extent of no return. All of us need to live in a new mode of lifestyle. We also need to behave ourselves strictly in line with the health protocols directed by the health authorities.
We would like to give just a friendly reminder once again to all — staying at home as much as you can, physically or socially distancing, putting on a facemask in public, frequent hand washing, and so on. That’s the most appropriate way of living with the deadly viral infection. Living this way also benefits you as well as all of us together.

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