Let’s fight COVID-19 by displaying compassion and loving kindness between each other

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As our country continue to suffer from the COVID-19 pandemic on various fronts, many health care workers, volunteers and the people are dealing with unprecedented stress and anxiety. It is clear that our people are facing inevitable adverse effects to their mental health due to loss of employment, economic hardships, children’s homeschooling, isolation of the elderly, losing loved ones, worrying about the future. Especially, those on the front line are experiencing stress and trauma. While playing a critical role in containing the spread of the coronavirus, frontline health care workers and volunteers need to be careful to remain safe from the infection and remain vigilant, so as not to become infected by COVID-19 or to spread the virus.
It is important to note that the battle to contain and even prevent the second wave must continue by acknowledging the work performed by frontline volunteers and health workers, and cooperating in a timely manner to fulfill their needs, as they carry out the current strategy to combat the disease.
As they are witnessing increased numbers of hospitalizations and infections, the frontline workers and volunteers will suffer from stress and anxiety for their safety. Hence, physical support and psychological help for them are sine qua non today.
The regional governments are obliged to provide them with right equipment at the right time.
For their mental health, we need to motivate and help them as they are suffering stress and anxiety while on the frontlines fighting the pandemic. Mental health cannot be an afterthought in coping with a pandemic.
It is worth noting that a three-day online course on motivation of volunteers is being held for volunteers across the country. We welcome the measure taken by the Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement, Ministry of Health and Sports, and the National-level Volunteers Corps to ensure the psychological well-being of our heroes on the frontlines of the pandemic.
At the same time, we would like to call on mental-health professionals to volunteer their time and provide telephone and/ or telehealth counseling for the individuals sheltering at home who may be experiencing stress and anxiety as a result of COVID-19. We are confident that our country can overcome this crisis together, with our compassion and loving-kindness for each other despite the challenges of containing COVID-19.

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