Let’s fight COVID-19 together till the end of pandemic

With the achievements in producing COVId-19 vaccines in record time, the end of pandemic catastrophe is in sight.
The good news comes as a light at the end of the tunnel.
The Union Government is also planning to make the vaccines available for everyone in the country.
The number of people infected with the coronavirus across the country reached over 100,000 yesterday, with over 2,000 deaths. The increase in cases have been expected by the authorities as there happened crowds without following social distancing after the November 8 general elections.
Again, the health authorities has warned the people to avoid crowds, to follow health guidelines and to keep new year celebrations small as they fear that the infection rate will arise after gatherings in the new year celebrations.
Yangon Region is still the worst affected with 74 per cent of all cases and 92 per cent of all deaths nationwide.
After pounding big cities, the coronavirus has threatened rural and small towns.
When it comes to mass immunization against COVID-19, our country is planning to purchase the vaccine at low price or free via COVAX facility for 20 percent of the country’s population.
Meanwhile, it is worth noting that one hospitalized case with mild infection is equivalent to vaccinating 300 people against the coronavirus.
Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the Union Government has been providing the patients with the free medical care. Let’s remind you again that the money spent on the patients since the outbreak was from the budget intended to be used for the development projects in the country.
The country must deal with the financial and debt management in the post-COVID-19 period for the economic recovery.
The cost of treatment is a very heavy burden for a country such as Myanmar, which is still a developing country. That’s why the Union Government has placed more emphasis on prevention.
Today is not the time to become careless, as we all must remain ever-vigilant so as not to become infected by COVID-19 or to spread the virus before being vaccinated against the coronavirus.
Let’s fight the disease together till the end of the pandemic.

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