Let’s fight COVID-19 together

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Amidst the COVID-19 crisis, our country is experiencing a challenging time.
In this time of crisis, healthcare workers are risking their lives on the front lines to protect all families and communities in our country and to keep us safe.
Our People, especially families of daily-waged workers, are struggling with their livelihoods, while industries which create jobs for workers are bearing the brunt of the impact from the COVID-19 outbreak. Many businesses have been hit by the outbreak due to social distancing mandates.
Even in ordinary times, jobs and livelihoods are an important problem and, unfortunately, Covid-19 is amplifying that stress. Public participation is high in our country and private donors are also working to minimize the consequences of COVID-19.
Yesterday, donors handed over cash, medicine and medical equipment to the National Committee on Prevention, Control and Treatment on Coronavirus Disease-2019 (COVID-19) at the time when our country needs them to fight the disease. We thank all the donors for their timely and much-needed assistance, which helps bridge the immediate gap of supplying personal protective equipment, hospital equipment and medical supplies to where it is needed most across the country.
This donation will assist in every aspect for the people in the prevention, containment and treatment of COVID-19.
However, much has to be done in our country to overcome the crisis.
These are challenging times for everyone and nobody should be left behind. We highly request that all people donate cash to the fund of the central committee.
At the same time, we would like to encourage people throughout the country to do their part to support them, primarily by practicing greater personal hygiene and to follow recommended social distancing measures, especially in April, which is an important period for our country to defeat the global pandemic.
Despite the challenges of containing COVID-19, we are confident that our country can overcome this crisis together, due to our determination and commitment.
We, brethren of the Union, must recognize that today is the time to show our compassion and loving-kindness for each other. Let’s fight COVID-19 together.

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