Let’s make dreams in peace talks come true

A peaceful and stable situation is the best for undertaking the development of a nation. This being so, the time of a peaceful and stable nation is referred to as the restoration of internal peace, the prevalence of law and order, and the safe and tranquil life of the people. Only when it can restore peace will the nation enjoy fruits of stability and tranquillity. If so, the country can implement development projects peacefully.
As such, the whole nation including the State and the people anticipate internal peace. Hence, the government is striving for emphasizing the process of perpetual peace for the whole nation in accordance with the agreements of the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement-NCA.
Currently, the government holds peace talks with various peace delegations in patience with full expectation to be able to restore perpetual peace across the nation. In the mature political process, dialogues can seek the best solution. As both sides have completed the first time talks with agreements, the whole nation expects to secure greater agreements on peace issues in the second time talks.
On the other hand, armed conflicts have been sparking endless fighting and hatred in Myanmar. Consequently, the country cannot experience internal peace but internal insurgencies. Truly, the entire people have been suffering the flame of internal conflicts under the armed struggling line for more than 70 years.
It is good news which came out of the peace talks between the State’s Peace Talks Team and leaders and members of ethnic armed organizations. The restoration of perpetual peace throughout the nation as expected via the peace talks reflects the genuine desire of the entire people.
As a Myanmar saying goes: Unity is strength, ethnic organizations and the State’s Peace Talks Team join hands to overcome various challenges at different levels of negotiation in order to restore peace the State inspires. On the other hand, they have to build understanding and trust inch by inch.
At present, the government is emphasizing the peace and stability of the nation while striving for ensuring the food sufficiency of the people. No matter how difficult and tightened the work process is, the government is marching towards the goal with the confidence that it must overcome any challenges.
As such, all ethnic people including the government need to join hands with each other for the emergence of a stable, peaceful, tranquil, prosperous society through victories in the talks on peace issues and ceasefire.

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