Let’s put our hand to the plough for fishery sector development

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  • Recently, the Union Minister for Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation Dr. Aung Thu has encouraged fish farmers to seek help from the ministry if they wish to receive assistance from the ministry to overcome their challenges for the fish farming in accordance with the existing laws as the government is committed to development of private sector.
    The Union Minister said the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation has made plans to promote the quality and quantity of fishery products in cooperation with local and foreign organizations as the country is facing limitation on its fish export to 40 countries.
    Besides, the ministry is making arrangements for all-round development of the fishery industry based on sustainability of aquaculture. The aquaculture industry is also playing an important role in putting the country on the road to development based on agriculture and livestock farming.
    During the recent meeting with key fishery personnel and representatives from the fish farming community, the Union Minister also advised the farmers to use the farmland for fish farming in accordance with the existing rules and regulations as
    the government has relatively relaxed the land use law giving guarantees to fish farmers to easily utilize the land for fresh water fish farming.
    Legislation is crucial to the development of aquaculture. The ministry is eager to support a robust, sustainable fishing industry in the country.
    Meanwhile, to implement the current projects of fish farming zones, feed factories, cold storages and high-quality product factories, the private sector needs fish and prawn species, as well as land. The projects will be constructed with the help of experts from China, Taipei and Indonesia, under the government’s plan of setting up cold storages and high-quality product factories to develop the fish and prawn export industry, according the Myanmar Fisheries Federation-MFF. The cold storage and high-quality product factories will help the fish and prawn export industry earn US$2.3 billion within a year or two.
    Key personnel from the private the aquaculture sector have advised the ministry to provide loans to prawn farming sector and provide assistance to establishing feedstuff factories and to promote fishing technology and to develop markets in the off-shore farming sector.
    Fish farming is the key to food security and can be a significant contributor towards our economy if managed correctly and supported by all the stakeholders. Let us hope that “all hands are on the plough!”
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