Let’s put our kids on the path to success

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If it takes a village to raise a child and the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow, the logical conclusion is that we have no alternative but to invest in the development of early childhood education as an effective means of assuring a high rate of return. Education researchers have argued that children under five years of age must enjoy easy access to quality education in order to reap the benefits.
The news of the start of the brand-new kindergarten system has thrilled parents whose children are going to start kindergarten this academic year. Education enthusiasts across the country have hailed this initiative as a welcome change.
In addition, we have heard adults remark in jest, but with an air of seriousness, how happy they would be if they were allowed to restart the newly-established kindergarten.
Pictures of kindergarten teachers actively participating in training in classroom activities have gone viral, with users commenting favourably on the new approach.
In the past, schools kept the lid on children’s enthusiasm and curiosity. It is safe to assume that children possess inquisitive minds by nature and by inclination. There is no need to force them to learn simply because these natural impulses to find out their burning intuition and try out their personal judgement are unstoppable.
All things considered, all we have to do is to encourage children to do the best they can do and be the best they can be. In fact, the education reform in progress will no doubt give our younger generation a chance to dream big.

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