Let’s stand together in times of hardship

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  • Tha Sein
  • Diplomacy is vital in international relations because without being diplomatic we cannot protect our national interest and neither can we work with other countries. Well aware of this, the incumbent government is making efforts to expend its diplomatic ties with countries around the world while fixing its frayed ties with the other country.
    The Republic of Ecuador is the 116th country with which the country has established diplomatic relations. Ecuador, a medium-income country, in South America has 16 million people with a $ 182 billion GDP and a $ 11,000 per capita income.
    Myanmar’s international relations have improved since the incumbent government took office in 2016. The greatest success in the time of the new government is the decision of the EU not to table a human rights resolution at the UN General Assembly Third Committee last year.
    The decision was in recognition of the country’s progress on democratic transition, the reinvigoration of the peace process and the positive steps taken by the new government to improve human rights. As the world is becoming increasingly interdependent, we must find ways to support each other and help each to thrive.
    Since taking office, the new government is committed to achieving its own vision of a more perfect union while endeavoring to resolve one of the world’s longest running internal insurgency problem as well as the simmering communal tensions in the Rakhine State, which has made headlines around the world.
    Regarding this, the State Counsellor stated that the problems in the Rakhine should not be viewed as ethnic cleansing. It is a matter of people on different sides of a divide, and this divide we are trying to close up as best as possible. In that regard, we invited Dr Kofi Annan to form a commission and look into the problems and help us to find long-term solutions.
    As the problems in the western part of the country can be a politically sensitive issue, it is important that widespread rumors and rampant hate speech on social media could not unleash further violence.
    So journalists from local and foreign media outlets were allowed to visit the region and cover news freely. Given inhumanities including the killing and threatening of local people who had given interviews to the media and cooperated with the government, we need to be vigilant, to exercise restraint and to stand together in times of hardship.
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