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Let’s take walking exercise for health and fitness


Myanmar people always talk about health conditions whenever someone suffers from the illness, using a saying that goes: “Health is Wealth”. However, the majority of people neglect the value of health conditions.
When suffering from severe pains in illness and diseases, the people value the wealth of health. As such, everybody needs to take care of health and fitness for their daily life, setting aside the impacts of diseases. If they are healthy and fit, they can do everything at full capacity to secure victories.
People should understand that it is necessary to look after their life and bodies under their care to be able to enjoy longevity. On the other hand, they need to safeguard their property under security measures.
In fact, prevention is better than cure. So, the people need to take care of their daily lifestyle including food consumption under care in addition to taking physical exercises for betterment of health and fitness.
The people can take physical exercises and sports events. The daily walking exercise is the best among other sports and exercises. Walking does not have any cost. Daily walking can improve the muscles not only from the calves but from that of the whole body including the heart muscles. In consequence, the walkers will enjoy better blood circulation and strong muscles.
The walking exercise benefits circulation of blood, moves of nerves, bones and joints, physical and mental freshness, reduction of body weight, and youthfulness of body structure more than the age. Moreover, those who have the practice of walking can make long trips without easy tiredness, good digest and improved concentration.
Currently, the collective walking activities are staged as a campaign held in the month of December designated as the sports month on a yearly basis. People from various strata participate in collective walking activities in regions and states. Apart from such an activity, most of the people in individuals, groups and families defying the coolness of the winter take physical exercises at the public areas where they can take fresh air and taste the coolness of the winter.
Everybody needs to take care of the advantages of physical exercises, especially walking sports events. Hence, they all should take the walking exercise not only in December but the whole winter for possessing a healthy and fit life.

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