Let’s wake up to shape the future of women

The global population showed a larger number of females than males. Likewise, more than half of the total population in Myanmar is women. The census enumerated in 2014 mentioned the population and household registration numbers. Accordingly, the estimated population was some 55.1 million on 1 April 2021 — about 26.4 million males and 28.7 million females. Hence, the population of females accounted for 52.13 per cent.
As such, it is necessary to take out the strength of Myanmar women in nation-building tasks. Authorities should emphasize the improvement of massive women if necessary. And, it is necessary to enhance the empowerment of the women to raise their roles.
Currently, a survey was conducted on individual literacy rates and educational qualifications in the nation. In this regard, 20 per cent of families comprising the illiterates can be seen in the entire Union. As the number of households comprising illiterate women above 15 years old accounts for 10.3 per cent in the urban area and 21.0 per cent in the rural area, it showed the literacy rate of women was lower than that of men.
As a result, a survey showed that a conclusion can be made that the literacy rate of women residing in rural areas was lower than those from urban areas.
As literacy rate and educational qualification is bilaterally related to job opportunities, efforts must be made for raising the literacy rate of women as well as the greater enhancement of the women’s literacy rate and completion of learning school education.
An emphasis is being placed on raising the role of Myanmar women to enjoy an equal term of rights. As such, the government is implementing the national strategic plan for the development of the women’s sector (2013-2022 financial year) to meet the international pledges such as the Beijing Declaration comprising 12 sessions for women’s development and the Beijing Action Plan adopted at the Fourth Conference on Women, the UN Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women 1979 and the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2015.
All in all, the development of women must be implemented with the powerful participation of women under the leadership of women with high capacity in order to uplift their capacity, develop the nation and raise the socio-economic life of the people through the capability of women. Let’s wake up all massive women to shape their future!

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