Let’s work together for perpetuation of our Union

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  • Myanmar is striving for the “emergence of a Democratic Federal Republic based on democracy and federalism”. Whether or not we will achieve this goal depends on all of us. It is a responsibility that falls on all of our shoulders. The energy, faith and effort that we put into achieving peace can be a beacon of light for our country, our Union, and all of our peoples. Whether this light will fade or brighten in the months and years ahead will determine Myanmar’s place in this world.
    Around the world, governments rule their countries with different ruling systems. As a result of their respective histories, the political systems of countries are different. Some governments are led by a president, whilst some are led by a prime minister. Some are constitutional monarchies.
    Countries with names that include the words Union, United, and Federal are the democratic unions. The United States of America is the largest federal union in the world, with 50 states and one administrative city.
    The United Kingdom is composed of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The reason why a union is formed is to become a strong entity capable of providing strength to all indigenous people in the union and to provide equitable development to all.
    In Myanmar, the essence of our Union Peace Conference- 21st Century Panglong is the emergence of the united democratic federal republic.
    Also, the solution to end the long-lasting armed conflicts and to get national reconciliation is building a democratic federal republic.
    Union spirit is the source for building a democratic federal republic. Union spirit means a strong determination of all the national people to live in unity, and to negotiate in building a union.
    Myanmar is a union composed of national races, having different cultures, traditions and religions. The national races living in respective geographical areas have been living together, practising their traditions and cooperating effectively.
    It is very important for all the nationalities to equally participate in promoting national unity and to keep the Union in perpetuity. Within the Federal System, it is essential to establish legislative power that all ethnic groups have been craving for. Moreover, to ensure national reconciliation, it is necessary not only to establish clear confidence between the Union government and armed ethnic groups, but also to create mutual trust among ethnic groups. When we have gained national unity and national reconciliation, we will surely be able to build a peaceful and prosperous Democratic Federal Republic.
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