Let’s work together to reform the education system

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While the formation of a democratic government is clearly a firm step forward, the new government, which won the landslide victory in the November election with campaign motto “Time to Change”, will reform the country’s education system.
But getting the country’s education system back on the right track is no easy task. The new government will need regional and global assistance to make such an investment in the people.
In the past, Myanmar was admired for the widespread literacy of its people and high-quality education standards. As a British colony, Myanmar further developed its educational standards, and upon gaining independence in 1948, and boasting one of the highest literacy rates in Asia in the late 1940s and 1950s, it was expected to become one of the fastest developing Asian Tigers of the region. However, despite its good track record, Myanmar’s education system is now in an abysmal state. Consequently, the education system has disintegrated and students now spend very little time at school, with few making it to university.
Looking at both the strong and weak points of the education systems which have been implemented by successive governments since independence in 1948, the new government will reform the education sector as soon as possible.
That would be a challenge for the new government. In this function, cooperation from students, parents and teachers are essential to promote education.
The people, who are ready to get the second taste of democracy after the country’s opening up in 2011, are waiting with high expectation to see ‘change’ in the education sector, carried out by the democratically elected government, for the people.

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