Let’s work together towards community-based sustainable tourism

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  • Myanmar is a country rich in tourism resources. There is a lot of cultural heritage and national ethnic traditions and customs that can attract globe-trotters to the Regions and States of Myanmar.
    These must be explored for the systematic, long-term development of the socio-economic life of citizens including the tourism industry, a sector that will help the national economy.
    In our country, travel and tourism businesses are gradually developing. But we need to find new travel destinations which can not only benefit travel agencies, but also create job opportunities for the local people.
    A travel agency honoured at the 2nd Myanmar Entrepreneurs event in December last year shared their success in village-based travel business.
    Natural scenes, folk art and life, clean and hygienic accommodation and food in folk style have attracted tourists. Locals get paid for lodging as well as food, and the food is prepared by the housewives themselves, so the locals made money from this.
    A popular suggestion to tourists who visit Myanmar is that you must visit rural areas of Myanmar.
    To expand this community-based business, local authorities need to provide security to the travellers. Tourist friendly accommodations and arrangements should be provided from the time of their arrival to their departure.
    The tourism sector around the world is changing. The focus should be on more authentic interactions with local communities, wildlife and nature, and accessing new and lesser-known destinations in a country.
    On 25 May at Pyithu Hluttaw, a lawmaker urged the Union government to establish tourism-based festivals and special events, increase the number of tourism agencies, and expand tourism districts to develop both community-based and eco-tourism throughout the country.
    Countries around the world are using numerous innovative methods to enhance international tourism and boost their local economies. Tourism can cause a country to become popular, while encouraging rural areas to uphold their traditions, while generating sustainable income.
    But responsible travel from the side of the tourists is also important for the long term sustainability and conservation of the tourist regions.
    As tourism is wide ranging and affecting many sectors, cooperation is required between the government sector and the private sector.
    The Ministry of Hotels and Tourism, other relevant ministries, state and regional governments, the Myanmar Tourism Organization, and civil organizations are obliged to work together with the local people to boost tourism and follow the sustainable development of tourism standards set by the World Tourism Organization.
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