Letter to Editor

Dear Sir,

I would like to comment on your article entitled “Myanmar in need of better public transport system” by Aung Khin, which appeared in the Tuesday issue of the New Light of Myanmar, 26 August 2014.

My guess is that the traffic jam in Yangon is largely due to parents doing the school run in their cars. The traffic jam around high schools is more terrible when school is over.

I walk across Pyay Road when I go to a swimming pool at weekends. Cars never stop at the pedestrian crossing. It is very dangerous for pedestrians. I don’t think schoolchildren will be able to cross the road safely without the help of their parents. This is why parents find it necessary to take their children to school and bring them home.

If drivers obeyed the traffic rules and stopped for pedestrians to cross the road at the zebra crossing, parents can stop driving their children to and from school. This will dramatically reduce the traffic congestion near schools.


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