Life and Value

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Life means: (1) Conditions that distinguishes animals and plants from earth, rock, etc; How did life begin? Where did life come from? (2) Living things collectively, in general; plants, animals, people: Is there any life on the planet Mars? A naturalist studies animal and plant life. (3) State of existence as a human being: Life is sweet: It was a matter of life and death: Something on which the continued existence of somebody depended. The battle was won, but only at great sacrifices of life. (i.e. many were killed). They ran for dear life (for very life), in order, or as if, to save themselves from death. I can’t for the life of me (i.e. even if my life depended upon it) remember what happened. (4) State of existence, as an individual living being. How many lives were lost in the disaster? (5) Period between birth and death, or between birth and the present, or between the present and death. (6) Human relations; the business, pleasures, social activities, etc. of the world. (7) Living, career: Some people have easy lives: (8) Written account of somebody’s life. Biography: Do you enjoy reading the lives of great men? (9) Activity, Liveliness, interest: The children are full of life, are active and cheerful; Put more life into your work; he was the life and soul of the party. (10) Living form or model: A portrait taken from (the) life. (11) Fresh start or opportunity after a narrow escape from death, disaster, etc. (12) Period during which something is active or useful, the life of a ship.

Value means: Quality of being useful or desirable; the value of walking as an exercise; Worth of something when compared with something else; (3) Worth of something in terms of money or other goods for which it can be exchanged. (4) What something is considered to be worth (contrasted with the price obtainable)

Now, let’s explore the wider meanings of Life and Value in the following ways:

L         for       Living, moving and having our being
I           for       Integrity and Insight
F          for       FIRE ̶ Fortitude, Iron Mind, Resilience & Endurance
E         for       Equanimity
V         for       Vision
A         for       Achievement
L         for       Love & Live
|U         for       Uniqueness
E         for       Enjoy Life


We should live and move and have our being in love, laughter and learning. Life is a very rare chance and we should adore it as much as we can. First, we should replace ignorance with knowledge and wisdom. Secondly, we should handle our passions and desires with insight, restraints and control. Passions and desires must be channelled in the right ways and directions. Thirdly, we should live and move and have our being in service, selflessness, and serenity.


We should all be glad just to be alive. As we are human beings with common sense, we had better live our lives with honour, honesty and harmony. We should also guide our lives with seeing through the big picture and far into the future. Our future should be planned and shaped in the right way to be fulfilled with health, happiness and helpfulness.


Our lives should be nurtured and cultivated to be blessed with FORTITUDE, IRON MIND, RESILIENCE, AND ENDURANCE. Life is not always like a picnic party. Life is a long and hard journey. We should live our lives with strengths, stamina, staying power and serenity. We have got to live our lives on our terms: Right View, Right Intention, Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness and Right Concentration.


Life must be lived in balance, in proportions, and in harmony. Life is full of vicissitudes or changes. Life is destined to be confronted with the eight winds of:

  • Gain and Loss
  • Praise and Blame
  • Popularity and Isolation
  • Happiness and Wretchedness

Superior people try to live their lives above and beyond all the afflictions of life. They try to live hardy, harmonious and happy lives.


Vision means SEEING A BETTER LIFE IN THE FUTURE. Vision means DASSANA in Pali which is SEEING WITH THE MIND’S EYES. People with vision see their lives in terms of Greater, Better, Faster, Smarter, More Efficient, More Effective and More Sustainable Perspectives. A superior condition of life in the future is created by the vision of the inspired minds of the motivated people. The quality of a vision is decided by:

  • Being Active instead of being Passive
  • Being Dynamic instead of being Static
  • Being Proactive instead of being Reactive
  • Being Progressive instead of being Regressive
  • Being Revolutionary instead of being Reactionary
  • Being Against the Status quo instead of being for the Status quo


Human life should be a strong and steady curve of progress. We human beings are endowed with

  • Physical Power of Health & Strength
  • Mental Power of Vision & Strategy
  • Emotional Power of Passions & Values
  • Spiritual Power of Selflessness & Service
  • Creative Power of Character & Competence

So, we human beings have nothing to lose in mightily endeavoring to CONCEIVE, BELIEVE AND ACHIEVE. People must have the tremendous purpose: To Strive, To Seek, To Find and Not To Yield.


Life is to be lived ̶ to the hilt. For a person of love,
life is beauty, breeze and blessedness.
With love, people can live their lives more dearly;
they can see their future more clearly; and
they can attain success and happiness more nearly.

But, love is … to be able to console than to be consoled;
Love is … to be able to understand than to be understood;
Love is … to be able to love than to be loved; and
Love is … to be able to give than to receive.


Everyone is unique and every life is unique. People can be unique in their:

  • Health and Strength
  • Vision and Strategy
  • Passions and Values
  • Selflessness and Service
  • Character and Competence

To be unique, people have got to differentiate themselves. They might be naturally different, but they should outshine the natural uniqueness by thinking creative ideas and doing innovative work. The purpose of being unique is not to be self-serving but to serve all and to love all.


If we can’t enjoy our lives, our lives have no value. If we don’t love our lives, we won’t be able to enjoy our lives. And if we do not have deep, core values in our lives, it would be difficult for us to love our lives. So, we must have real, noble beliefs and values in our lives such as:

  • Being Honest
  • Being Awake
  • Being Alert
  • Being Useful
  • Being Productive
  • Being Constructive
  • Being Reliable
  • Being Authentic


Life itself is of priceless value. Cherish it, value it and enjoy it!

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