“This to me is life;
                      That, if life be a burden,
                      I’ll join to make it
                      But the burden of a song.”
                                        – Poet Bailey
The long life of the good is productive of benefit to all beings; that of the wicked is, without doubt, the cause of misfortune to all.                                          

                                       – A Dhammaniti
For me, I like to understand LIFE in the following way:
L    for    Living, Moving & Having Our Being
I     for    Interdependence
F    for    FIRE
E    for    Effectiveness-cum-Efficiency
F    for     Fortitude
                    I     for     Iron Mind
                    R    for     Resilience
                    E    for     Endurance
Many people used to say they intend to live and move and have their being in Loving- kindness, Compassion, Sympathetic Joy and Equanimity. But do they live actually in such a way? Although we were born to life not by our choice, we sure can choose how to live our lives. We can prefer to live:
A good life to a bad life
            A lofty life to a lowly life
            A purified life to a defiled life
            A useful life to a useless life
            A productive life to a barren life
            A happy life to a sad life
            An enlightened life to a delusional life
            A healthy life to an afflicted life
            A friendly life to a secluded lonely life
Man cannot live alone, nor can he/she live a happy and useful life by himself/herself. For everyone, family and friends are very important. Man can thrive with love and joy only with family or friends. Human life is more connected nowadays. Just as we can mix in real life, we can also meet other people virtually. Although we live our own lives, we have got to live with other people, for other people and by other people as well. Living in interdependence means living a mutually/multilaterally beneficial life with others.
If we have fire in our guts and in our hearts, it means we live with fortitude, iron mind, resilience and endurance.
Fortitude means           :      Courage shown by somebody who is suffering great pain or facing great difficulties. Synonym: bravery.
Iron Mind/Will              :       Very strong and determined mind.
Resilience                     :      The ability of people or things to feel better quickly after something unpleasant, such as shock, injury etc.
Endurance                   :     The ability to continue doing something painful or difficult for a long period of time without complaining.
The capability to produce successfully the result that is wanted or intended. Effectiveness is doing the Right things which are essential to achieve the set goal.
The quality of doing something well with no waste of time, money or energy. Efficiency is doing the things RIGHT, bringing about better productivity.
 Living a sober, serene and successful life means living with purpose, progress, prosperity and peace. It means living life by understanding the purpose of life more clearly, living life appreciating the beauty of life more dearly and living life uplifting the human values more nearly.

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