Lime prices drop in Kya-in-Seikkyi

The lime prices are weakened in Kya-in-Seikkyi township in Kayin State in monsoon.
The local people are successfully cultivating the lime plants in Kya-in-Seikkyi township.  Annually, the limes have a good price in summer with abundant yield.
Earlier, the price of lime was K3 per one in the monsoon. But, the lime was sold for K70 or K100 per fruit in the hot season, depending upon the size.
This year, the lime price dropped to K5 per one, and so, the local growers did not even harvest to sell them back in the market.
The lime, the tiny citrus fruit, is fresher and more fragrant than the lemon. It has light green flesh and is approximately 6 cm in size. Lime is also used as an ingredient in cooking, and when used in drinks and sauces, it creates a fresh and “zingy” taste.
Lime plants can be seen throughout the country. The fruits grown in Kya-in-Seikkyi Township are often sent to the nearby markets.
Also, lime is famous among the public. It helps people reduce body weight and increase immunity from diseases.
There are many lime growers in Kya-in Seikkyi township, and there are around 10,000 acres of lime plantations.
The limes are sent to Mawlamyine town in Mon State and Yangon Region to sell them through the retailers. — Myo Min Oo/GNLM

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