Link helping hand and receiving hand at an opportune time


The good news came out with auspiciousness for the whole country and the entire citizens on 12 February 2022 coinciding with Diamond Jubilee Union Day.
As a gesture of honouring Diamond Jubilee Union Day, the State Administration Council Chairman has withdrawn the ongoing criminal proceedings against AA members and 46 subordinates in accord with Order 17/2022 under Section 419 of the Constitution. Such a move is sure to contribute towards the restoration of perpetual peace for the nation.
The State Administration Council Chairman also granted pardon and deportation to seven Sri Lankan people from the prison under Sub-section (1) of Section 401 of the Code of Criminal Procedures on bilateral relations between Myanmar and Sri Lanka and humanitarian grounds while the country is building a peaceful, developing and disciplined democratic nation.
Among prisoners who have been sentenced in various prisons for violating the existing laws, 814 prisoners who have already served their sentences in good discipline were sentenced under Sub-section (1) of Section 401 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, and they were also pardoned on the condition that if they commit another offence, they will continue to serve the remaining sentences.
It was a great chance for those prisoners to rejoin society as well as their families. In society, everybody possesses an outstanding point to do something. Likewise, those prisoners have the specific capacity in individuals to be able to benefit society. That is why it is necessary to utilize their capability while improving their mindsets based on the progress of their constructive activities in society when they have rejoined.
A human cannot live alone. They have to live in society. Those already released prisoners are sure to have a keenness to rejoin society. Hence, all the people from the society should not set aside them and lend a helping hand to those prisoners to have a daring to participate in the social works.
On the other hand, those already released prisoners need to change their mindsets by abandoning their practice of misdeeds and evil behaviours. It is an opportune time for them to renew their lives by showing their honesty and innocence to the society participants. If so, society will be pleasant and prosperous for all. Now is the time to link the helping hand and receiving hand in society.

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