Liquefied petroleum gas to be distributed at low price

Plans are underway to distribute the liquefied petroleum gas produced by the liquefied petroleum gas plant (Minbu) to the people at cheap prices in Magway Region, according to the Ministry of Energy.
The ministry is making efforts to increase the production of oil and natural gas from the Htaukshapin-Htankai-Yenanma oil field and the Mann oil field under Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise.
As plans are being developed to distribute the petroleum gas produced by the LNG plant (Minbu) to the people, officials are carrying out maintenance of No 1 LNG plant (Minbu) according to the specified procedures and guidelines. It is necessary to inspect and repair the control system during the maintenance of the machines.
Union Minister for Energy U Ko Ko Lwin said during a visit to the oil fields and oil gas plant that the plant will be able to operate at full capacity if the plant is re-opened.
Currently No 1 LNG plant (Minbu) is drilling well No 885 to search for oil and natural gas. Crude oil produced from Htaukshapin-Kanni oil field and Mann oil field is used as the raw material for the oil refinery. The natural gas produced from the Mann oil field is used as raw material for the LNG plant (Minbu).
As the Ministry of Energy needs to explore new potential for increasing the production of oil and natural gas needed by the state, it is necessary to maintain the current production in the long run.
In order to increase the production of oil and natural gas, officials are carrying out exploration applying new modern technologies, and they are analyzing and presenting additional investments for industrial equipment, as well as ensuring the safety of natural gas pipelines and steel tanks to store crude oil. — ASH/KZL

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