Lisu National Development Party (L.N.D.P) presents its policy, stance and work programmes

Lisu National Development Party (L.N.D.P) executive committee member Daw Betty Yarn presented party’s policy, stance and work programmes through radio and TV on 23 September.

I pray auspiciousness for all the voters and people.
I am Daw Betty Yarn, executive committee member of the Lisu National Development Party (L.N.D.P) or the Cross-Bow Party.
We have already presented the list of our candidates, who will stand for the 2020 election in Kachin State, Mandalay Region and Shan State, to the respective Election Sub-commissions.
Before presenting our political ideology and the 2020 election manifesto, I would explain the flag and the logo of our party. The colour of the flag is red, and it nears a white star and a white cross-bow that is aiming at the former.
Voters must be aware of the fact that there may be other logos that are similar to our flag or the logo. So, we would inform them that only the red flag bearing the picture of a white star and a white cross-bow is ours.
Now, I like to present a brief account of the flag. The colour red signifies bravery, courage, alertness, activeness and decisive. The white cross-bow represents the Lisu people, while the white colour epitomizes purity, sincerity, steadiness, tranquillity and loyalty. The white star at the left corner indicates the role of Lisu National Development Party (cross-bow party) is playing in the affairs of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.
I will now present the policies laid down by the party.

1. Political policy
(a) Build a federal democratic Union, which ensures the self-determination, while exercising the freedom of occupation, expression, thinking, profession, and creation in the country, without harming anyone;
(b) Having the vision of producing intellectuals and intelligentsia for the development of education, economic, health, social and human resources development sectors;
(c) Guarantee fundamental rights and human rights for all the nationalities of the country;
(d) Assure equal rights for all the races whether they are from hill regions or planes;
(e) Combat opium cultivation, narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances production and trafficking and drug abuse and implement rehabilitation programmes;
(f) Utmost efforts for the promotion of the rights of other ethnic races and the development of the regions and the nation based on the affairs of Lisu people;
(g) Foster patriotism by promoting the language, literature, culture, customs and history of Lisu people.

2. Economic policy
Continuation of the free and fair market economy

3. Education policy
(a) Encourage the individual creative thinking of the education system that meets the international level;
(b) Support necessary programs to narrow the education gap between the rural and the urban.

4. Health policy
(a) Implement an inclusive health system that is available for everyone;
(b) Uplift the standard of private hospitals, clinics and indigenous medicine.

5. Religious policy
Ensure freedom of religion for all citizens

6. Youth affairs policy
Promise efforts for promoting the political and economic capabilities of youth members who are the future leaders

7. Policy of gender equality
Assure greater involvement of women in the legislation, administration and judiciary of the country

8. Natural resources and environmental policy
Promote the natural resources conservation and ecological greening with might and main
Now I will present the 2020 election manifesto of the party.
1. We will strive for the establishment of a democratic federal Union which guarantees national equality, self-administration and self-determination;
2. We guarantee the improvement of urban and rural transport, health and education sectors;
3. We will make efforts for the further improvement and effectiveness of the laws in connection with the narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances through legal amendments;
4. As regards the civil service affairs, we will assure the direct appointment of native ethnic races as staff members including officers through qualification examinations;
5. We guarantee a society free from all kinds of domination, oppression, intimidations and forced participation between ethnic groups;
6. We promise direct benefits for the regions concerned in tapping the natural resources in an environmentally friendly way through the approval of the local authorities;
7. We will endorse the rights and powers of women, children and people with disabilities and assure special aids for them;
8. We will promote vocational careers and health and fitness of the youth and pave the way for new generation leaders;
9. We pledge utmost involvement in rehabilitation programs for the internally displaced persons and refugees (IDPs).
The slogan of our party is “Vote the Cross-bow Party” for equal development, and we would request support votes for our white star and white cross-bow on a red backdrop that ensures equal services for all the people regards of their wealth, social status and locality.
Having a fine history and embracing the policy of equality, the Lisu National Development Party (Cross-Bow Party) requests the precious votes of the people as it has fielded qualified candidates. They will serve the interest of the native people and pledged a continuous process for the emergence of a federal democratic Union.
With this, I conclude. Thank you.

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