Little Habits for Good

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Just drink water when hungry: It is best if we drink water only while we are hungry.  photo : ILLUSTRATION: FREEPIK

In this world, very little things often turn out to be great ones. Such things also include our usual habits. The article will describe some little habits for our own good.
Rise with the sun: We should get up as soon as the sun rises and shines in the east sky. Many Myanmar people like to wake up too early, even before the sun comes out at all. I find it nothing but industrious. Even though we get up too early in the morning, we had better rise with the sun at the very least.
At first, we almost always tend to enjoy the black and white colour, namely silvery, of the early morning sky with peace and quiet. We can get our intrapersonal serenity with the natural environment from this scenery. And getting up with the sun makes us feel a little dizzy, which could be a never-too-late habit.
Have cold water after washing and brushing: No sooner have we gotten up early than we have to drink cold water, at least one glass. According to my information, drinking water shortly after wake-up activates our internal organs, particularly the stomach, to function well throughout the day, beginning with good digestion. Of course, we will be starving in the morning after we have slept a whole night.
Hence, having water before breakfast may keep us less hungry in the morning. We should have drunk cold water if we wish before we wash our faces and brush our teeth.
Just drink water when hungry: It is best if we drink water only while we are hungry. As we all know, water is naturally cold, colourless, and tasteless. So, pure water will lessen our thirst for certain.
However, most people are given the choice of hot or cold drinks such as coffee, Coca-Cola, and other beverages rather than drinking water.
In fact, non-water drinks will never make us reduce our starvation to the full. Try to think. But be honest. What is more, some people like to have very hot drinks such as tea too much whenever they are thirsty. Actually, `extreme food’, i.e., too hot or too cold food, is not good for our health. Thus, water, also a universal solvent, is the best drink for those who are suffering from dehydration.
Enjoy a nice breakfast: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. As mentioned above, we usually have breakfast after washing, brushing and drinking. It has been suggested that breakfast should be eaten as a beggar, at worst, till a full stomach. I have heard it said that some like eating breakfast as much as they wish. Nonetheless, others have a mere breakfast, viz. coffee and cake, milk and half-boiled egg, tea and fried bread-egg, seeing that they eat enough lunch simply in the afternoon. Really, our breakfast should be `Mohinga’, fried rice, rice and steamed peas, or even leftovers in Chinese culture. I am prepared to accept that breakfast may be different from region to region all around the globe, but more importantly, this meal must make our stomach feel full whatever kind of food we have for breakfast.
Take a break between any work: Never ever hurry up whatever we do. As we are all aware, life is absolutely full of suffering. And life is a struggle, as the saying goes. Accordingly, whether our lives are easy or difficult, they are going on as long as we stay alive.
In truth, taking a break between things to do is not a waste of time, chickening out, or stopping at all; it provides the next step towards one work after another, gathering more momentum than average. Simply and clearly, we must die just in a while, even if we are fit as a fiddle.
What is this life if we have no time to wait till a beautiful girl’s mouth can enrich the smile her eyes began, as W H Davies wrote? What a poor life!
Share time in likes: Life is supposed to be short or temporary, like a ripple. To my way of thinking, this is barely time perception. Then again, what if there were no afterlife? If so, we will have a lot to think about from different points of view. In reality, our lives will not be worth getting full of worries or carrying out our dislikes only.
Therefore, we should take up our likes whenever possible. Some would love reading, writing, singing, having a long chat, painting, gardening, travelling, collecting stamps or coins, and looking after pets as their most common likes. In a matter of life, there must be happy times, whether more or less. If not, it will never be worth it to live our lives in any way or another.
Keep our temper as much as possible: Of several negative emotions, temper is the worst one, and it is uncontrollable easily, although it arises conditionally, as always. When we lose our temper with anything or anyone, it is only we who have a fiery feeling first of all, not others.
A person in a bad mood will most likely go wrong, for instance, till he or she commits murder, as a matter of fact. It is certain that man will not abstain from anger. In spite of this, most people, especially women, are afraid of those who see red very quickly. Virtually, that case will lead to a separated or divorced marriage. By the time people are angry, they indulge in this sense quite unconsciously. Consequently, a thing called temper can be controlled by ourselves.
Hold a few daily routines: As a Myanmar proverb says, there is a lot to do in the human world. Some things are a must to perform, whereas some are not essential to human basic needs.
Food, clothing, and shelter play absolute musts in our daily lives. Despite this, some food does not need to be cooked and eaten; it can be eaten raw. In this way, we can save time by not cooking. It is okay to change clothes at least twice or at most three times a day unless there is any physical or psychological wrong in the body.
As regards shelter, we humans, highly intelligent animals, must be able to manage current difficulties as and when necessary. We should not spend too much time overcoming these difficulties. Fewer daily routines are responsible for less difficulty, of course. Let’s hold a few everyday routines, if possible, then.

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