Lives threatened by developers’ lack of ethics

Construction engineers recently disclosed their concerns about the strength of some new buildings due to contractors having used low-quality materials and failing to observe building regulations.
Some experts expressed doubt about the strength of multi-storey concrete buildings, which normally should be in a good condition for 75 years. They also said some buildings were expected to stand firm for only 20 years, blaming contractors and a lack of
monitoring by authorities.
An official from Yangon City Development Committee recently told local media that although the committee has issued rules and regulations for construction projects, they did not monitor and inspect every construction site.
The quality of residential buildings in Myanmar is relatively low. As real estate prices are increasing in Yangon, many people cannot buy their own house. In some cases, middle-class property owners have sold their home and opted to live in suburban areas.
Real estate developers should observe international standards in construction projects. The lives of residents depend on their ethics. Some new buildings have uneven and unsafe stairways or prominent cracks along the walls within months after being built.
Governing bodies must make an effort to scrutinize and inspect construction projects to ensure developers observe rules and regulations.

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