Local demand driving up Ye Township areca nut price

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The price of areca nut produced from Ye Township has raised its head again, on account of high demand in local market.
The price of areca nut has risen from Ks3,000 to above Ks4,000 per viss (3.6 lb). Growers are expecting to fetch higher price this year than last year’s.
Last year, the price reached the highest of Ks6,000 per viss. However, low demand from Indian merchants brought down the price to Ks3,200.
As the prices of areca nut are on the upward trend, growers predict that this year, areca nuts will fetch above Ks6,000 per viss which was last year’s market price in the end of areca nut closing season.
There are around 60,000 acres of areca nut farms in Ye Township. Locally-produced areca nuts are exported to India and Bangladesh, beyond self-sufficiency.


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