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Local fuel oil prices decline slightly

1370 sskm

The fuel oil prices are falling in the market according to the market prices on 9 November, the data of the Supervisory Committee on Import, Storage and Distribution of Fuel Oil showed.
Starting in early November, the petroleum price was over K2,000 per litre and now it is over K2,100 per litre.
In the Yangon market, it was K2,095 per litre of 92 Octane, K2,210 per litre of 95 Octane, K2,640 per litre of diesel and K2,715 per litre of premium diesel on 9 November.
On 8 November, the prices stood at K2,135 per litre of 92 Octane, K2,250 per litre for 95 Octane, K2,655 per litre for diesel and K2,725 per litre for premium diesel.
On 7 November, 92 Octane was priced at K2,115 per litre while K2,230 for 95 Octane, K2,650 for diesel and K2,720 for premium diesel. Therefore, fuel prices are increasing.
The prices show a decline when compared to the prices of 8 and 9 November.
Over four million gallons of fuel oil are unloaded at Thilawa Port and further about seven million gallons will be unloaded soon and so the county has sufficient quantities of fuel, according to Supervisory Committee on Import, Storage and Distribution of Fuel Oil. — TWA/GNLM

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