Local Shan potato prices lower than Chinese ones

On 28 July, the Chinese potato prices were higher than the locally-produced Shan potato in the Yangon market, according to onion and potato merchant Ko Aung Tun from Nyaung Pin Lay Zay.
The prices of Chinese potatoes are high for the high exchange rate at the border. In the market, the new Shan potato (Aungban) is priced at K1,000 per viss, K1,200 per viss of A1, K1,300 per viss of OK, and K1,400 per viss of S1 while the Chinese potato price is K1,850 per viss.
The new Shan potato quality is lower than normal and fetches low prices. The colour is reddish brown instead of yellow. The sizes are small despite S2. The Bangla potato demand is low in the market and does not enter the market currently. The large size is priced at K1,800 per viss and it is hard to buy in the market.
In early 2022, the large size Shan potato was priced at K2,200 per viss while K1,650 per viss of Chinese potato. In early April, the price was K1,900 per viss and the Chinese potato prices reached K1,700 per viss. The prices including the production rate are high this year.
Loikaw potato usually enters the Yangon market before the end of the year and the Tatkon potato enters before the Thingyan period. The Sinphyugyun potato enters for three months between the early period of year and Thingyan. The Shan potato-Aungban and Heho potatoes enter the Yangon market most.
The Chinese potatoes enter the market packaging in a white bag that can accommodate 13 visses and a yellow bag that can hold 16 visses. The yellow bag contains the S1 size while the S1 and OK sizes are in the white bag.
The onion prices are open at about 7 am at Bayintnaung and the potato prices are at 10 am. — TWA/GNLM

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