Locals care about ibis birds in Sagaing region

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Ibis birds are seen at Lake Indaw in Sagaing Region. Photo: Maung Chit Lin (Indaw)

The residents are taking good care of ibis birds which are one of the species of migratory birds inhabiting Lake Indaw in Sagaing Region. This lake is the third biggest one in Myanmar.
“Many hundred ibis birds reached our Lake Indaw in 2015-2016. They have been inhabiting the lake for the whole year. Now, they are mostly dwelling beside the lake around the Moat Soe Ma Pagoda Gon. They consume mostly the golden snails,” said U Khin Maung Thein, a fisherman.
“These birds are benefiting the farmers by consuming the snails that are destroying our farmers’ farmland. So, we want to urge the people to take good care of those birds and not kill or arrest them,” he added.
The birds are beneficial to the local farmers, consuming the snails which are destroying the farmlands. In many parts of Myanmar, it is a winter bird that comes to Myanmar in winter. In some areas of Inle, there are permanently staying birds, according to Wildlife Conservations Society WCS Myanmar. —Maung Chit Lin (Indaw) (Translated by Hay Mar)DSC 0254 72 scaled

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