Locals expect Thanaka marketplace at Mahamuni pagoda

Myanma Thanaka Association will submit a proposal to Mandalay regional government to create a Thanaka marketplace at Mandalay’s famed Mahamuni pagoda. The members of this association have expected to develop a designated area where the travellers to Mandalay can study the culture of Thanaka and buy Thanaka.
“Mandalay Mahamuni pagoda is famous in upper Myanmar, and the local and foreign travellers pay visits daily during the peak season. So, the government should create a place for the international travellers to know the Thanaka culture and to buy the Thanaka products,” said U Kyaw Moe, chairman of the association. The officials will cooperate with the thanaka traders to call for the government to designate a thanaka marketplace in the pagoda compound where thanaka is mainly used in a daily face-washing ceremony at Mahamuni Buddha image.
“There are about 20 thanaka sellers at the pagoda’s stairway. The vendors have been selling there for 30 years. They are also members of our association. We want the government to create a place for the traders. But there is still no plan to designate a specific place. We sent a letter to the regional government before COVID-19 outbreak. We want them to designate a place in the pagoda compound,” he said.
Thanaka is a main symbol of Mandalay and used in the face-washing ceremony of Mahamuni Buddha image since years ago. The thanaka traders will submit the proposal to the regional government for the second time to create a thanaka marketplace. The members of thanaka association will also discuss with the chair of the pagoda trustee.—Min Htet Aung (Mandalay Sub-Printing House) (Translated by Khine Thazin Han)

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