Locals hope Paleik ancient site to become tourist attraction

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Ancient pagodas in Paleik area of Singaing Township.  Photo : Min Htet Aung (Man Sub-printing House)

Some of the residents in Paleik want the ancient cultural area in Singaing Township to be systematically managed to become a tourist attraction for international tourists, said poet and journalist Maung Ye Nway (Paleik). Like Bagan, there are many ancient pagodas in Paleik.
The ancient pagodas and religious buildings reflect the architecture of the Bagan era, Konbaung era, Yadanarbon era and colonial era. There are a total of 325 ancient pagodas in the area, and because of their great antiquity, the area has been designated as an archaeological site since 2008.
“Paleik has cultural heritages. Locals do not value them. Whenever they think the pagodas should be repaired, they repair. But they do not know how to preserve the original styles. If the pagodas are not properly preserved, the historical heritages could disappear. The area will be a major tourist attraction if undergrowth is cleared and the pagodas are properly renovated,” the poet said.
Although there are many ancient heritages, there is no systematic guideline for visiting the area. So, usually, the majority of visitors visit only the Paleik Snake Pagoda, and other heritage spots are still unpopular, according to the poet.
In addition to ancient pagodas, traditional weaving businesses and migratory birds in the area are able to attract tourists. If tourism can be developed in the area, the living standards of the residents will be improved, said the poet.
Presently, the ancient heritages in Paleik are not fully preserved by the relevant departments and are being damaged because of the lack of appreciation of some residents. —Min Htet Aung (Man Sub-Printing House) (Translated by Maung Maung Swe)

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