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Look after mother earth to be healthy for all

Environmentalists speak aloud to protect the environment again and again. They disseminate ways of environmental conservation all over the world. So, it is visible that protective measures of the environment throughout the world are very important for global people.
The word representing the environment is inclusive of all diverse species including living beings and non-living beings all of which are standing on mother earth. As such, everybody needs to emphasize the health of Mother Earth. All kinds of environmental pollution surely harm mother earth. If so, the planet Earth gradually faces deterioration for the standing of all beings.
For example, oceans filling with plastic and turning more acidic, extreme heat, wildfires and floods, as well as so many acts and incidents to harm mother earth have finally affected millions of people. Notably, all kinds of harmful acts against mother earth will affect living beings including humans and human society.
All kinds of seasonal diseases and manmade diseases including manmade dangerous movements such as wars, scientific attacks, chemical tests, undisciplined disposal of, deforestation, inappropriate land utilization, intensified agriculture and livestock production or the growing illegal wildlife trade, narcotic drug production and so on are harmful to degradation of the mother earth.
The United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution A/RES/63/278 in 2009 to designate April 22 as International Mother Earth Day. Adopting the theme for 2023 “Invest in Our Planet”, International Mother Earth Day promotes a view of the Earth as the entity that sustains all living things found in nature. Inclusiveness is at the heart of International Mother Earth Day; fostering shared responsibilities to rebuild a troubled relationship with nature is a cause that is uniting people around the world.
As such, everybody, the offspring of the environment, needs to pay back the debt of gratitude to mother earth. It is because mother earth nurtures and protects those offspring humans against the dangers in various ways while providing food, clothing and shelter.
Everybody should understand that only when mother earth is healthy with greening and conserving in a long run will it look after all living beings including humans. Hence, all global people need to carry out lush and green activities for mother earth to be healthy. If mother earth is healthy, it will serve its duties on a regular basis. Otherwise, mother earth with derailment from the regular process will terribly harm all living beings.

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