Look at the secular world from a correct perspective

In the secular world, everybody is trying to do the best as they expect but the best works done may not be right by a cent per cent. It is because no one is perfect in life. All the works done by anyone cannot always be right as they do not have supernatural power to consider things that are the best for the life.
Hence, anyone should consider they themselves may do wrong things unexpectedly. These actions may be done unintentionally but wrong things are unchangeable. As such, everybody needs to consider that as all human beings are ordinary, they may unintentionally commit wrong things as well as misdeeds. So, if possible, those persons doing wrong things have the chance to enjoy the pardon for their unconsciousness.
On the other hand, no one always commits wrong-doing acts. Throughout their lives, they may do some correct acts. As such, they should have the chance to enjoy good luck for their correct acts although they should suffer punishment for their sins. It is the nature of the secular world. Actually, everybody needs to uphold the concept that nobody should be set aside from society for committing a wrong act once in their lives.
Otherwise, it is because those who set aside the wrongdoers should consider whether they all are free from sins and evil acts in their lives. Indeed, those who cannot be free from sins should not set aside other persons who are assumed to be wrongdoers. Only when the persons are reassured that all their acts are always correct and free from sins will they have to decide things that are right and what are wrong. If not, they are not deserved to assess any others for their movements.
Moreover, anyone does not have the right to criticize others who are clever or who are naughty. Practically, they should build themselves to be able to do the right things and to be free from sins. If those who do wrong things criticize others, the nature of society will never be in proper balance for all human beings.
That is why all human beings should criticize themselves first and then consider everything and the root causes of every event before criticizing others. If so, they can clearly overview the secular world and the actual lives of human beings. Only when can they discard wrong attitudes and opinions from their concepts, will an equality, liberty and justice secular world welcome all.

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