“Love and Happiness Come First and then other Things Follow”

  • Dr.Nu Nu Win
  • For all young and old, those who are babies or children in early or late childhood, or those who are adolescents , this saying is still true. This means , if a baby or a child or an adolescent , receives enough loving kindness in his or her early days , all other things such as success, being well-disciplined, having non-selfish heart, gentleness, responsibility, respect for others, sympathy and empathy and so on … all the good things will follow automatically once they have received loving kindness.
    Once , there was an old lady teacher from whose school, many successful old students were born. And the responsible persons from the Ministry of Education were so curious to find out the reasons behind this remarkable success.
    So, they interviewed that old lady teacher to find out how she had been able to produce so many successful students and what kind of methodology she had used to train them in her school. The old teacher thought for awhile silently . Then, she answered very simply ,
    “ Just because I love my pupils so much”
    That is the Secret of Success in Teaching and Learning .
    When a child (a pupil) gets enough loving kindness from his or her parents and teachers, the first thing he or she gains as a natural present is happiness, and then self-confidence follows it. When a child has confidence in the depth of his or her heart, he or she is able to continue on the path to learning. Imagine how much a child can become curious about everything and everybody around him or her, how nice that he or she can ask his parents or teacher all about what he or she wants to know without any punishment, and how much he or she can experiment and experience about all the things he or she is so curious to know .
    Then , the courage to see, to find, to write, to ask, to experiment, to experience will follow and all these lead him or her to enjoy learning by him or herself. Sometimes he or she will become happy to know that something is not a very difficult thing for him or her to study, it is what he or she can see very easily find in their surroundings. It will bring joy to them. It will make them to become happy in learning and studying. And it will lead them to enjoy lifelong learning. They will follow the path , “Learn to Live and Live to Learn” .
    All these will help them succeed in life , knowing what self-discipline is, which are the correct moral beliefs and ways to follow, how sympathy and empathy can make them happier, how they should have responsibility from very small things so as to keep themselves and their surroundings neat and tidy, how they should stand on their own feet to do anything without depending so much on adults and so on up to the ability to keep democracy in their life path, to follow the Laws, and to have the hearts to live peacefully.
    There are very important pillars in Learning , such as
    To learn to know,
    To learn to do,
    To learn to think,
    To learn to learn and
    To learn to live together peacefully .
    If a child starts learning all these since his schooldays, it will not be difficult for him to keep peace and reconciliation among different societies. It can lead to a developed and peaceful society in every corner of the world.
    As the Bible says, “Peace on Earth and Good Will to Men” , we should start from the very beginning of the process which is “Loving-kindness”.
    So , Love and Happiness come first and then other things follow.
    It is the responsibility of parents and teachers to spread “ Love and Happiness” over all children and youths.

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