Love, tolerance, diversity

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  • Khantisa Sovacata, which means tolerance is auspicious, is what the Mingala Sutta teaches mankind.
    Tolerance is what we all need in our social dealings, as it is of vital importance for human society. But, what the Sutta teaches us might be to appreciate and recognize behaviors and beliefs which are different from our own, although we might not agree with or approve of them, rather than holding back insults.
    Frequent occurrence of differences or disagreements, even among people of the same race, same faith, and same ancestry, is not unusual. Here, tolerance means listening to a different ideology till it is understood well or trying to listen to it.
    The power to accept and understand the view or vision of another, which is different from ours but does not go against the law, is also tolerance.
    It will not be fair if we designate people who are different from us as enemies or if we threaten to attack or wipe them out. We must control our mind and teach ourselves to understand the diversity of human society.
    In fact, tolerance is the symbol or value of a civilized society or human civilization itself. Friendship and loving kindness are the characteristics of human civilization. People with such qualities and values are worthy of admiration and honor. On the other hand, people who easily turn violent for minor causes are a scourge to human society. They can be described as uncivilized.
    Mankind accepts embracing civilized behavior and manners and going against violence and cruelty as rules of controlling human society. But regrettably, we are witnessing wars that are unbelievably fierce in various parts of the world.
    Globally, people are applying various means in their quest for ending wars, terminating destructive weapons, and reducing nuclear arms. Moreover, they have adopted the global shift towards world peace and natural disaster prevention as the common goal of mankind.
    As Myanmar is in the process of making strenuous efforts for restoring internal peace and bringing about national reconciliation, the majority of Myanmar people believe that it is time all ethnic armed conflicts ended.
    Whether it is branded as a just war or a revolution, a war is a war, and no war can be honorable. So, let us replace armed conflicts with love and peace.
    As we are a country with ethnic and social diversity, there will always be different views, ideologies, and believes. Besides, diversity is the objective condition of the country, and the best answer to it can only be found through dialogue, which is based on love, tolerance, and nobility.
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