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Lower supply causes palm sugar prices up

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With the lower supply due to the bad weather condition, the palm sugar prices have increased in Monywa township and the toddy tappers are not selling the palm sugar in the market, said U Zaw Min Htut, a palm-sugar trader from Monywa township.

A woman making palm sugar for local market in Monywa.  Photo: Myo Win Tun (Monywa)

“Usually, the brokerage price of palm sugar is K1,600 per viss. However, the palm-sugar traders haven’t received the raw materials because of poor weather condition. So, the price of raw materials for palm sugar rises to K1,800. Now, the price of palm sugar is K1,750 in Shwebo and K1,700 in Monywa. With the prices up, the traders who store the palm sugar couldn’t buy. In the first week of 2020, the palm-sugar price falls to K1,200 per viss,” he said.
At present, the cane sugar (brown slab-sugar) price declined and the sugar (brown slab-sugar) makers are selling them in the form of palm sugar. Now, the price of sugar has increased and it has produced less impact upon the palm-sugar market.
“There are two toddy seasons — male and female. The male toddy season is only 45 days and the male toddy has got good quality and they are hard ones. If the products become wet, they can easily dry up. After Thingyan festival, the female toddy season has ushered in and it will last until October,” he added.
The palm sugar is mostly produced in Monywa Chindwin river upper regions and Shwebo region and sent to the Mandalay market. Now, the production of palm sugar has declined and previously, it produced around 7000-10,000 a day.
At present, Myanmar is also exporting the palm-sugar powder to Japan, Indonesia and Thailand. Additionally, palm-sugar powder is also exported to Korea on a trial basis. The palm-sugar powder, an organic product, interests not only South East Asian countries but also the European countries.—Myo Win Tun (Monywa) (Translated by Hay Mar)

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