Magway Region gets guidelines for managing dengue

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Deputy Director-General Dr. Thaung Hlaing delivers the opening speech at the training course in Magway. Photo: Zeyatu (Magway)

As Magway Region recorded the second highest number of cases caused by the Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever among the five states and regions most affected by the DHF outbreak in 2018, clinical management guidelines were issued for the region as part of a training course held on 11 June.
The training course was attended by doctors from township and station hospitals of 25 townships in Magway Region. The Magway Region Public Health Medical Services Department, Deputy Director-General Dr. Thaung Hlaing, gave the opening speech.
“In 2018, a total of 3,056 people contracted DHF in Magway, with 18 reported dead. The outbreak of DHF in Magway Region was record high when compared with other states and regions. Dengue fever breaks out mostly in Yangon, Magway, Ayeyawady, and Sagaing regions as well as Mon State. The training is aimed at preventing a DHF outbreak as well as providing medical treatment. We need to update the line of treatment to reduce cases of death,” said Dr. Kyi Tha Swe, the Regional Anti-Malaria Division Team Leader, at the training course.
During the training session, Dr. Kyi Tha Swe explained the National Strategic Plan for Prevention and Control of Dengue, while specialist Dr. Zaw Hlaing Toe from Magway People’s Hospital discussed Adult Dengue, and Dr. Win Mar, a lecturer from the University of Medicine (Magway), outlined the Guideline for Clinical Management of Dengue.
“It’s important that the public participate in preventive measures being taken against the disease. I want local people to participate in prevention activities by keeping their homes and environment clean every day, and making sure there is no water left for the insects to breed. Our staff will also conduct awareness training courses,” said Dr. Kyi Tha Swe.
“A total of 86 people have been diagnosed with dengue hemorrhagic fever as on today. But, there have been no deaths this year. DHF mainly affects children under 15 years of age. The fever can break out any time, although people think it occurs only in the rainy season,” according to the Regional Anti-Malaria Division.— Zeyatu (Magway)
(Translated by Hay Mar)

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