Mahamyatmuni, Mandalay pagodas teeming with devotees on Full Moon Day of Waso

Pagoda Board of Trustees offer Waso robe to Mahamyatmuni Pagoda  in Mandalay on the Full Moon Day of Waso.  Photo: MNA
Pagoda Board of Trustees offer Waso robe to Mahamyatmuni Pagoda in Mandalay on the Full Moon Day of Waso.  Photo: MNA

Yesterday was the Full Moon Day of Waso, also known as Dhammacakka Day, and the Mahamyatmuni Pagoda, along with other pagodas in Mandalay, were teeming with devotees, who flocked to the pagodas beginning at dawn to pay homage on Dhammacakka Day. They brought with them Waso flower donations for the beginning of the three-month monsoon-retreat and novice monk ordination ceremonies.
At 4 am in Mahamyatmuni Pagoda, the morning ritual of washing the face of the Mahamyatmuni Buddha image was conducted, followed by devotees from throughout the country offering golden robes (gold flakes) to the image, robes, food, water, candles and lit oil lamps in all corners of the pagoda.
Similarly, pagodas in Mandalay, such as the Mandalay Hill Kyauktawgyi Pagoda, Kuthodaw Sandamuni Pagoda, Atumashi Shwekyaungtawgyi and Buddha Tooth Relic Pagoda were filled with devotees. Those in attendance, led by Mandalay Yunnan Buddhist monastery trustees, also offered dry rations and offertories to 250 sanghas from Masoyein monastery at 80 locations between 31st and 32nd streets. Donor families were led by groups offering rice porridge and drinking water donations from Mandalay west Khinmakan Myakone monastery, who went to Mandalay General Hospital, Women’s Hospital, Children’s Hospital and the 300-bed Orthopaedic Hospital, where they provided food and drinks to patients warded in the hospitals. Other donor groups were also seen providing food and drinks to devotees visiting the pagodas.
As the Full Moon Day of Waso preceded the weekend holidays, resulting in a three-day holiday, families and office staff were vacationing, having made their own arrangements or travelling by public transport, and the numbers of travellers during this period was twice the number last year.
In addition to paying homage to pagodas in Mandalay, people were also seen travelling to Pyin Oo Lwin and offering homage at Maha Ant Htoo Kan Thar Pagoda. Additionally, many visited PyinOoLwin National Kandawgyi Botanical Garden, PyinOoLwin Township Wanetchaung elephant camp, the seven mile, six mile and three-mile recreation centres, U Bein Bridge and Yadanabon Zoo.—Tin Maung (Mahn Sub Printing House)

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