Maize exports to China fall during six-month interim period

Maize growers in Pobbathiri Township. Photo Shwe Ye Yint copy
Maize growers in Pobbathiri Township.  Photo: Shwe Ye Yint

Myanmar’s maize exports to its main buyer China showed a steep drop in volume as well as price, said Muse merchants.
The export price falls when China cleans their stockpile and there is self-sufficiency in China. Maize is highly in demand in December and is exported in the other months. Sometimes, maize from Europe is imported into China.
At present, maize is being grown in some regions and it will be harvested three months later. So, some growers do not get affected from the low price, said U Moe Win, a trader.
A total of 60 trucks loaded with maize weighing over 1,600 tons daily enter the Muse 105th mile. A ton of maize fetches a minimum of Ks380,000 and a maximum of Ks450,000. The current market price has decreased compared with last year’s price.
Ninety per cent of maize exports go to the China market, while the remaining is shipped to Thailand, Viet Nam, the Philippines and Singapore through the normal trade route. Around 200,000 tons of maize are exported to Thailand through the border gate. It has already got a market share in the international market, said U Sai Kyaw Zaw, a merchant trading in the Taunggyi and Muse market.
The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) of the People’s Republic of China examines import quality and safety. China imposes a quota on maize and it is regarded as an illegal goods when it exceeds the quota. The small and medium enterprises from Yunnan, Sichuan and Quanzhou provinces purchase maize for snack production and feed stuff processing.
The maize is highly purchased between October and December every year.
There are 1.17 million acres of maize plantations in Myanmar, producing over 71 million baskets (1.78 million metric tons). Eighty-eight per cent of maize is grown in the monsoon season, whereas 12 per cent of maize is for the winter season, according to the statistics of the agriculture department.
Myanmar produces maize beyond self-sufficiency. It is the second largest exporter among the ASEAN countries. The biggest maize importing countries are South Korea, Japan, Mexico, Czech, Egypt, Viet Nam, Spain, China, the Netherlands and Colombia, according to the statistics of the commerce ministry.
Maize export was registered at 1.1 million tons worth over US$300 million in the 2015-2016 fiscal year, 1.2 million tons worth $250million in the 2016-2017 FY, 900,000 tons worth $287 million in the 2013-2014 FY and 600,000 tons worth $200 million in the 2012-2013 FY.


Zar Lin Thu (AMIA)

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