MAJA announces dos and don’ts for JLPT 2024

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Applicants for JLPT 2024.

An announcement on dos and don’ts for Japanese Language Proficiency Test 2024 which is going to take place soon was released on 21 June by JLPT organizing committee, Myanmar Association of Japan Alumni.

It states that the JLPT 2024 has been scheduled to sit on 7 July and manual test vouchers were already issued until 20 May 2024.

Online applicants can download test vouchers until 7 July and bring it to the exam station by printing it in colour. Showing it on phone screen is not allowed and all candidates will have to arrive by 8:00am at exam stations.

Along with test voucher, all candidates will have to bring one of original identifications – ID card (either 10-year-old ID or 18-year-old ID), unexpired passport, unexpired driving license (motorcycle license is not allowed as it doesn’t include date of birth), birth certificate (under 10 years old applicants only), and ID card of religious organization members (novices, monks and nuns).  Showing it on phone screen is not permitted and candidates won’t be allowed to sit the exam if they don’t have test voucher or any of above-mentioned identification.

If manual test voucher got damaged or lost, candidate can take again it at the exam station office on the exam day and original ID card and two photos are required. If original ID card got damaged or lost, original recommendation of ward or police station which is issued in 3 months and copy of identity card or ID card are required to bring.

Registration number, exam time, date and place are included in the test voucher and candidates have to wait at restricted areas inside the campus and warned to avoid crowding.

Further, only 2B and HP pencils are allowed and stationeries and ID card or any identification card are required to bring in a transparent file. Backpacks and handbags are not allowed to bring into the exam room and must leave them outside the campus.


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