Make hay while the sun shines

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A well-known saying we have heard repeatedly “Make hay while the sun shines” means “To make good use of opportunities, good conditions, etc. while they last.” We have a similar Myanmar saying, “လသာတုန္း ဗုိင္းငင္” “Make yarn while the moon shines.” Opportunities are not all the time within our reach. It may come to us occasionally. Had a socially and morally acceptable opportunity reached us, we should have seized it. Failing that, we cannot guess how long we will have to wait for it to come again. Opportunities give us sometimes material things such as wealth and properties and sometimes intangible things such as fame, dignity, respect, pleasure and happiness. Academic learning is usually undertaken when we are young. If we missed that opportunity, we are required to take adult education. While acquiring academic learning, we have school life, then university education under the close guidance of savants and prestigious professors and enjoying merry-making hostel life at university and colleges. Unless we savor the taste of these opportunities, we will never ever get these again, after leaving our Alma Mater.
Some people know that they have many opportunities to better themselves, but they fail to use these opportunities to their best advantage. For example, some eligible voters fail to go to voting booths on purpose, with some people rush there at the last minute. In fact, it can be said that they lack the knowledge on how to use one’s opportunity, because any one can cast a vote in favor of their favorite candidate. Every four or five years, we have such an opportunity only once. As a sexagenarian, I have had the opportunity to vote only 5 times, including two times to vote for the referendums for approving our Constitutions. Now we can use our opportunity to freely express our desires, without fear and anxiety.
Here, I would like to express a kind of opportunity we are having all the time, unlike voting. For this, we need not go anywhere, such as voting booths. Sometimes in our lives, we know that our deeds and performances are going astray, but we are reluctant to get rid of our evil-minded wills, beliefs, deeds and mindsets. Simultaneously, we do not want to have our names recorded on the gloomy pages of history. Not everyone lives in this society with a completely clean slate. We still have the time and opportunity to change or cleanse our minds in the New Year. The moment we join to take an active participation in building up our nation into a modern and developed Federal Democratic Union, our leaders will give us a warm welcome with open arms. Let us stop interfering in someone’s movement towards the same goal we are heading for. Though we hinder him from going straight, he will reach the destination if he goes on without giving away his hope. While trying to interfere, only we will become exhausted on the way, failing to reach the goal. Now the sun is shining. Let us make hay while the sun shines. Here is the last chance we have!

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