Make most of young minds for good of nation

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Wisdom is commonly linked with age, but being old does not automatically qualify one as wise. People in privileged positions often entertain the illusion that they know better than ordinary folk, especially those at grass roots. What matters most are the experiences gained in the process of aging, and whether one is able to turn them into something of value.
There has been an increasing awareness of the potential of young men and women as crucial partners in political change. They may possess the creativity required to effect meaningful change for themselves, their communities and the world as a whole.
The time has come for older generations to accept the reality that young people are an indispensable element of society, as well as a driving force for the future development of a nation. In addition, people in authority should realise leadership is not just about wielding power.
If the youth of today are to be the leaders of tomorrow, they must be encouraged to better themselves as partners of today. At a time of rapid change, institutions that swim against the tide will not last.
As Aesop’s fable about the hare and the tortoise reminds us, the fastest runner doesn’t necessarily win the race. Using one’s abilities to the fullest is more important.

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