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Make preparations against natural disasters in the pre-monsoon period

The impacts of climate change have been remarkably occurring in the whole world since the 21st Century. Hence, global countries are facing unusual climatic conditions and incidents. Climate change brings bad impacts to society with severe natural disasters.
Indeed, climate change is based on global warming which is triggered by humans. Greenhouse gases from the societies take a large position in the atmosphere which causes high temperature due to hotness. It is not difficult to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases which are primarily reflecting climate change.
All humans need to carefully protect trees and jungles as part of reducing the impacts of greenhouse gases. Moreover, they all need to grow trees elsewhere. The jungles filled with large and small trees including bushes, shrubs and herbs can maintain underground water and various kinds of water sources as well as fertile soil. These trees are useful for making clean and cool breezes.
The natural environment and natural resources are gifts of the Universe for the global people. Naturally, geographical conditions are actual underground water tanks for the whole world. Rainwater drops into the ground via trees and then hilly areas and trees store such rainwater in underground areas. Hence, cutting trees and setting fire to the forests should not be done carelessly as forests are valuable natural resources.
In the pre-monsoon period, Myanmar faces high temperatures in the daytime, instability of the atmosphere, and the occurrence of clouds. Some parts of the nation will expectedly be hit by strong winds, lightning, striking lightning, falls of hailstones, torrential rains, flooding, landslides, inundation and so on.
Regrettably, some people were dead and 109 people were injured in the tornado which hit the Aungmyingon and TadaU villages of Lewe Township on 21 April. In the incident, monasteries, schools and rural dispensaries were also damaged by the tornado.
Meteorologists carefully predict weather forecasts so that people to make preparations for their families and workplaces in time to be free from the danger of bad weather. Hence, people need to check weather forecasts through radio and on TV on time and they have to really know how to overcome and how to make preparations against the disasters.
As some rough impacts of disasters may fall in the pre-monsoon period, people need to take exercises for performing rescue and relief works whenever the people fall under disasters. Moreover, the government should carry out rehabilitation for the disaster-hit victims without delay with provisions of food, clothing and shelter.

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