Make your surroundings lush, green and healthy

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  • The natural environment, including forests and water resources that we rely on for our needs, are not our own. We have a responsibility towards the Earth and the land we live on. If we do not conserve resources, they will get depleted. While we are alive, we, human beings, have to work to conserve the environment and natural resources.
    Myanmar is encountering the consequences of climate change, deterioration of the ecosystem, deforestation, endangered species, pollution of the air, oceans, rivers, lakes and land, and infectious diseases, like other countries in the world.
    The denuded bald mountains we see from our helicopter or plane are warning us that our forests are depleting.
    The cooler weather, even in summer, and the forests make the hilly areas of the country ideal for tourism development.
    “We are not owners of land and water resources. We are caretakers. So, we have to understand that we have to conserve them and pass them to the next generation in good condition,” said the State Counsellor during her trip to Chin State two days ago.
    We must protect the natural environment so that it becomes a better place to live for people and other living things in the area.
    It is impossible to avoid interacting with, changing, or leaving the natural environment as it is. We will have to make changes for our development and for the generations yet to come. But, we must watch out for the benefit of everyone, not just people but also wildlife.
    Illegal harvesting of timber and collection of firewood have led to Myanmar being ranked as the third-worst country for deforestation in the world.
    Due to extensive deforestation, Myanmar experienced the worst weather in its history in 2015-2016, ranking 2nd among 187 countries on the global weather danger index.
    Hence, we need to speed up afforestation – the planting of trees in barren lands to increase the area under forests – and fight illegal logging nationwide to combat the impact of climate change.
    The participation of the people is playing a critical role in the country’s reforestation drive. We are all obliged to preserve our forests for posterity and for future generations. If we intervene early before the trees are cut, we can eventually save an entire forest.
    Let’s make our surroundings lush, green, and healthy.
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