Making preparations for tourists and local visitors in Mandalay, Pinya and Inwa cultural zones

26 sskm

The preparations have been made for tourists and local visitors who will visit Mandalay, Pinya and Inwa cultural zones during the vacation season, according to the Director of the Department of Archaeology and National Museum (Mandalay Branch) Dr Than Htike.
In making such preparations, not only vacation area directory maps and information are being distributed but also the museums and exhibitions in the vacation areas are being upgraded.
“Currently, the renovations are underway. Visitor arrivals have become fewer since the beginning of the rainy season. Not only tourists but also local visitors often come here. But there are not many. In preparation for the upcoming vacation season, there are things to be done to distribute information such as maps to travellers so that they can easily learn information in the vacation area. We have also prepared showcasing and exhibitions in museums,” Dr Thein Htike told the GNLM.
In addition, the zone entrance fee at Mandalay, Pinya and Inwa Cultural Zones for tourists is K10,000 per head until the end of September and it will be changed to K15,000 per visitor starting from 1 October.
Tourists are interested in visiting not only Mei Nu Brick Monastery, Golden Monastery and Myanansankyaw Golden Palace in the Mandalay cultural zone but also the Pinya and Inwa cultural zones. — ASH/MKKS

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