Malicious media blames security forces for casualties in Monywa

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The screenshot validate false claims.

Some media outlets with malicious intentions have accused security forces of firing heavy weapons into the Mohnyin Thanbuddhay Pagoda compound in Monywa Township, Sagaing Region, on 13 May, resulting in one death and injuring seven residents.
However, confirmed reports from reliable news sources indicate that, based on a resident’s tip-off about PDF terrorists operating near Mohnyin Thanbuddhay Village, security forces conducted counter-terrorism operations. The only casualties from these operations were terrorists, with no residents harmed.
Terrorists often take cover behind public places such as schools, hospitals, and religious buildings during confrontations. Certain media outlets with ill intentions are spreading misinformation to sow discords and create misunderstandings between the public and security forces. — MNA/NT

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