Manageable-scale cultivation of rambutan earns families good income

The rambutan cultivation is successful with a good yield in Kya-in Seikkyi township. Kayin State and the local growers have family income from their rambutan plantations.
The number of manageable-scale rambutan growers in Kya-in Seikkyi township is increasing year by year. People from this township are also growing seasonal crops. The local people enjoyed a good yield of the rambutan from their farmland and sold them back in the township.
The rambutan price was K50 per one, which contributes to earning family income. The grafting of rambutan tree is done for K4,000 per tree. When they start to grow the rambutan, the growers have to use fertilizer. Also, the tree must have irrigated water in summer. After growing for three years, the trees begin to bear the fruits and yield after four years.
There are two colours of rambutan as yellow and red.  The red rambutan fruit is more popular because it is sweeter than the yellow one. The abundant yield of rambutan is earning the growers an additional income for their family. — Myo Min Oo/GNLM

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