Mandalay fires kill nine in 2020

According to the Mandalay Fire Services Department, a total of 106 cases of outbreaks of fire were reported in Mandalay district in 2020, claiming the lives of nine people and a loss of over K1,139 million.
Most fire outbreaks were caused by negligence in 57 cases. Besides, there were also 33 electric shocks, two stove fires, six auto fires and eight arsons. The Fire Services Department also found that some old high- storey buildings did not have the emergency fire extinguishing system and some buildings were constructed without the emergency stairs, said U Kyaw Ko Ko, the assistant director of Mandalay Fire Services Department.
The high-level fire outbreak in Sky Walk Shopping Mall in Mandalay Chanayethazan township was put down in January 2020. Moreover, five people were suffocated to death when a fire broke out in a beauty parlour in Chanayethazan township in October 2020.
The number of high-storey building construction has increased in Mandalay district. When the high-storey building is constructed, it is necessary to undergo the inspection and abide by the construction rules and regulations of the Fire Services Department.
When a fire breaks out in a housing building, the firefighters can fight the fire rapidly if they have easy access to the road. But, they have to take much time to put down the fire when the fire breaks out in a market, for example, because there are many obstacles, he explained.
There are 116 fire engines, 63 water tenders, 17 supportive firefighting vehicles and 13 other motor vehicles in Mandalay region. The fire engines, fire brigade, and volunteer fire brigade are also sufficiently ready in every Mandalay Region ward under the constitution. — Aung Thura (Translated by Hay Mar)

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