Mandalay hosts first regional monsoon forum

THE Mandalay Region Monsoon Forum, which was held to provide information about the upcoming monsoon by offering monsoon forecasts, was held at the Dingar Hotel in Mandalay yesterday.
The forum, the first of its kind in Mandalay, was organised by the Department of Meteorology and Hydrology and Thailand-based UN-Habitat.
Mr Shashank Mishra, programme manager for UN-Habitat, said necessary preparations for the monsoon can be made by departments and civil society organisations through the pre-monsoon forum.  The forum featured discussions on challenges that could be faced during upcoming monsoon and works to be done for ensuring effective management in various sectors based on monsoon forecasts, said Director U Kyaw Lwin Oo of the DMH (Upper Myanmar).
According to monsoon forecasts, drought, excess heat and flooding are likely to become frequent in Mandalay Region, which recorded its highest ever temperatures and experienced strong wind and this May and April.

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